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Civil War (2024) English Full Movie Download Free

Civil War (2024) English Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla: In a dystopian future America, a team of military-embedded journalists races against time to reach Washington, D.C., before rebel factions descend upon the White House.

Civil War (2024) English Full Movie Download Free
Civil War (2024) English Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla:

Civil War (2024) Movie Details

Release Dates:

  • US: 12 April 2024
  • India: 26 June 2024


Action, Drama

1h 49min


  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Wagner Moura
  • Stephen McKinley Henderson
  • Cailee Spaeny
  • Jesse Plemons
  • Nick Offerman
  • Karl Glusman
  • Sonoya Mizuno
  • Jonica T. Gibbs

Alex Garland

Alex Garland

Rob Hardy

Geoff Barrow, Ben Salisbury

Gregory Goodman, Andrew Macdonald, Allon Reich

DNA Films


IMDB Ratings:

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About Civil War Movie (2024)

Plot Synopsis:
Set in the near future, “Civil War” explores a dystopian America plunged into a second civil war. The government has morphed into a tyrannical regime, while extremist militias wreak havoc across the nation. The story follows a group of military-embedded journalists on a perilous journey across the country. Their mission is to reach Washington, D.C., before rebel factions can seize the White House.

Additional Information

Check for official trailers on YouTube or the movie’s official website closer to the release date.

Soundtrack details will likely be released closer to the film’s premiere. Keep an eye on music streaming platforms or the film’s promotional materials for updates.

Production Notes:
“Civil War” is directed and written by Alex Garland, known for his distinctive storytelling and visual style. The film features a compelling score by Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury, and striking cinematography by Rob Hardy. The movie is produced by Gregory Goodman, Andrew Macdonald, and Allon Reich under the banner of DNA Films.

Viewing Options:
The movie will be available for download in various quality formats such as 1080p, 720p, and 480p on platforms like MkvMoviesPoint.

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Civil War (2024) WEB-DL 720p Full English Movie Download
Civil War (2024) English Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla:

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Download Civil War (2024) English Full Movie in Hindi HD | Watch Online Full Movie :-

Civil War 2024 Hindi Full Movie – Storyline :

In a dystopian future America, a team of military-embedded journalists races against time to reach Washington, D.C., before rebel factions descend upon the White House.

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Civil War 2024 Hindi Full Movie – Review:

Civil War: A Thought-Provoking Examination of Humanity and Empathy

As an old, cranky guy, I approached the movie “Civil War” ready to write a negative review. Friends recommended it, similar to “Saving Private Ryan,” which I regretted seeing due to its overwhelming violence. I feared “Civil War” would pander and pontificate, compensating for the inability of another American to give up on cinema as an art form. However, as this is a political publication and director Alex Garland insists his film is political, I felt a professional obligation to watch it.

The theater was semi-dark, with a couple of grim-looking veterans seated nearby. The atmosphere felt like a foxhole of bad dreams as we waited for the movie to start.

“Civil War” begins predictably with a shower of gore, evoking Antonin Artaud’s Theater of Cruelty. Critics question Garland’s claim that the film is political, as it primarily focuses on the interactions of four war reporters in an apocalyptic America. The director argues the real fight is between moderates and extremists, not left versus right. However, this dynamic is not evident in the film, which focuses more on the characters played by Kirsten Dunst and Cailee Spaeny.

The movie is a tragedy about the intergenerational divide and the internal struggle within the main character, Dunst. As a veteran combat photographer, she mentors Spaeny’s character, teaching her the trade while trying to contain her own humanity. This trade requires desensitization to violence, conflicting with Dunst’s empathetic nature. The young Spaeny, initially averse to violence, gradually gains confidence under Dunst’s tutelage, capturing disturbing images with abandon.

Garland does not attempt to make sense of America’s fractured state. Instead, he hints at the gulf between political fiction and fact, such as a president rehearsing a pacifying speech while the country crumbles or a racist killing reporters. These suggest a political point of view, but it is never fully developed. Garland portrays survival at the expense of empathy, highlighting the conflict between professional detachment and human compassion.

“Civil War” is not a political film in the traditional sense. It explores the psychological struggle between our machine-like detachment and our humanity. The true divide is between survival and empathy, work as shooting versus feeling. The tragic flaw of Dunst’s character is her humanity, and the film questions whether we should impart empathy or hardness to the next generation.

The film is deeply psychological, emphasizing the connection between psychology and politics. Democracy depends on our understanding, making this film a thought-provoking start to that exploration.

Would I recommend “Civil War”? It’s too disturbing and vivid a mirror of our unsettling times. However, it is undeniably thought-provoking.

Discussing the movie with a friend, he responded that he avoids “trauma porn” in his life, a balanced and reassuring stance. Without “Civil War,” I might not have asked these questions.

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